So much waffle is written about how color affects us. One hue can create soothing effect, while the other provokes passion, or like without the shred of evidence to back up the claims.

The colors of the room are the direct reflection of one’s personality. Room color can influence our moods & thoughts. Mostly, we do not think much while choosing color for our room, kitchen & items inside it.

Color affects in different ways depending upon, gender, age, ethnicity & climate. Certain group of colors tends to get a similar reaction from most people, while the variations come from the shades or tones used. While decorating your kitchen, choose colors wisely.

The key is that never run behind the color trends. You never need to follow them. Color trends will come & go, but your personality remains forever with you. The people living in a house or being around the kitchen make it beautiful by choosing colors that reflect their personalities & preferences. The only trick is to blend the colors you like in an eye soothing combination.

Choose Wisely

Each color has a psychological value. Certain colors make you feel differently; they can influence any emotion, from tranquility to rage. To create peace & harmony in your home, choose them wisely; some colors can have a totally opposite effect on your loved ones.

What mood you want to create? Which color will help you achieve that mood?

To answer such questions, look for magazines, decorating books & websites. Fabric, carpet, curtains, furniture & tile are available in more range of colors than paint, so let your textiles be the guide. Choose them first & then choose for the paint color & at last, the cabinets.

Once you find something you like, limit the colors in the room up to three or four. If you use too many colors, your kitchen will look cluttered & busy. Try to be experimental more. Try to go with best colors you can achieve.

Colors of Kitchen & their Effects

Colors work in three different styles: active, neutral & passive. You can easily match kitchen room color to your personal desires, to your taste & to its purpose. Light colors are airy, they make your kitchen look bigger & wider, increasing the space area. Dark colors are sophisticated & warm, they give an intimate appearance.

Let us look to the colors closely & know about them.

Red & shades of red raises the energy of the kitchen. It is the most intense color of the family. It rages adrenaline like no other hue. If you think you kitchen is the place that should stimulates you when you enter there, it excites you whenever you are in a bad mood or when you wake up 7 enters the kitchen for breakfast, it kicks the adrenaline in you & boosts you up, then yes red can be a good choice tto your kitchen.

Yellow & shades of yellow captures the joy of sunlight & communicate happiness. It is an excellent choice for kitchens, where it is enriching & enlivening. Yellow can also feel welcoming & expansive.

Although yellow is a cheerful color but it is not a choice for main color schemes. It is seen through studies that people loose temper more often when they are in a yellow color environment. Babies also seem to cry more in the yellow interior.   If used in large amount, the color tends to create a feeling of frustration & anger. In chromatography, yellow is believed to stimulate & purify the body.

Blue & shades of blue is said to bring down blood pressure & slow the rate of respiration. It also effects positively to the heart rate. Thus, blue is considered as soothing, sedative, tranquil & serene color.

A pastel blue color that looks pretty on paint chip can be unpleasantly chilly on the walls & furnishing. If you opt for lighter hues of blue as primary color of the kitchen, balance it with warm tints for the cabinets, furnishings, & fabrics.

To encourage relaxation in the kitchen, consider warmer blues such as; periwinkle, or bright blues; such as cerulean or turquoise. Also go for the softer shades. Dark blue has the opposite effects; evokes feeling of sadness. Refrain from using dark blues in you color schemes.

Green & shades of green are considered as the most restful color to eyes. If you combine refreshing quality of blue & cheerfulness of yellow, green is suited for the kitchen of the house. In kitchen green cool things down, also it encourages unwinding but it has enough warmth to promote comfort & togetherness.

It is believed green relieve stress by helping people to relax. It is also believed to help with fertility, making it great choice for the bedrooms.

Purple & shades of purple in their darkest variants is rich, dramatic & sophisticated. It is associated with luxury & creativity; it gives scheme depth as an accent or secondary color. Lighter shades bring same aspects as of blues to the kitchen, but without risking the chilly feel.

Orange evokes excitement & enthusiasm. However, it is not a good idea for kitchens. This color helps to bring out all the emotions in you & getting them in kitchen can be hard task. In ancient cultures, orange was alleged to heal lungs & increase energy levels.

Neutrals (black, gray, white & brown) are the basic colors of the decorator’s kit. All neutral color schemes fit in & out of the fashion. Perhaps, their virtue lies in their flexibility; add color to lighten things up, subtract them to calm things down.

Black is mostly use in small doses as accent. Indeed, some experts maintain black to be there in kitchens to ground the color scheme & give it profundity.

Crimson can invoke feelings of irritation, rage & hostility. This color is indeed to be avoided in the color schemes. This will affect peace & harmony you strive for in your home.

Color’s Effects on the Ceilings

One-sixth of the kitchen is concealed by the ceiling. Too often it is made white color & is not given much importance. Ceilings that are lighter color then the kitchen paint color & the color of the cabinets, appliances & items in kitchen makes the area enlarge & broader.

These guidelines are a good start point to in your search to build up a kitchen that soothes your vision & looks amazing. Keep in mind, color choice is a very personal matter. Never leave this to the interior designer or the painting team; you are the one who will spend the whole day in the kitchen; so, choose tints that suits you, your family, your way of work 7 your lifestyle.  Cabinets, materials, paints, appliances, furniture all will expose if you choose the best color scheme 7 will liven up your kitchen.