There are many ways to go about renovating your kitchen, but the most important question is, what’s the best way for you? You could spend hundreds of dollars hiring contractors and workers to come into your home and place of comfort to install different aspects of your kitchen, or you could see which areas need the most work and focus on upgrading these aspects.

Do your cabinets need a new look? How about your countertops? There are ways to go about changing some, but not all, aspects of your kitchen. If you are on a strict budget and do not feel as though you can afford a full installation, there are other options for you to partake in.

There are many possibilities to look for when you are planning to re-do your kitchen yourself. The amount of online RTA stores and resources that provide valuable information as to how to go about buying cabinets, especially kitchen cabinets, online.

What are the pros and cons of installation versus DIY cabinets? They are easy to break down, and resources will be provided for the best sites to understanding how ready to assemble cabinets are the best choice when working on a budget.

Pros of DIY Kitchens:

  1. It’s cost efficient. A fraction of the cost of custom-made cabinets, getting ready-to-assemble cabinets is a painless process that is much less price wise, since they are manufactured in large numbers. Ordering the supplies you need at a fraction of the price and assembling them yourself is much easier than paying strangers to come into your home and install. How much more cost efficient? In general, homeowners can pay anywhere from $12,500 to $30,000 dollars for a full kitchen remodeling. For a DIY kitchen, homeowners typically pay $1,000 to $2,000 for RTA cabinets. That’s a fraction of the price for a full part of your kitchen!
  2. It’s convenient. It’s easy to get many options for a DIY kitchen. There are many online RTA stores, especially for kitchen cabinets and other things such as countertops. What are the best options? gives you all the information you need looking at how to re-do your kitchen with no help, and doubles as an online RTA store for cabinets.
  3. YOU choose the style, the configuration, even the color of your new kitchen. You install everything yourself, so you are the one making sure everything is perfect. By cutting out the middle man, you ensure that you get the kitchen you want, and that it’s perfect.
  4. DIY kitchens serve as a bonding activity. What is better than getting a family or a group of friends together to work on a project? Teamwork is best for re-doing your kitchen, and you can make it a project for multiple people to enjoy.

Cons of DIY Kitchens:

  1. There is a lot of manpower necessary for installing a completely new kitchen, and if you have trouble lifting heavy things, or aren’t the best with tools, a DIY kitchen project may prove to be a challenge. However, getting a team of friends together to help you put together will serve you well, bringing you close together with your friends, and giving you that extra help you need.
  2. You need to be on point with your measurements. Although this is a bit of a downside, doing things to a tee never hurt anyone, and the precision needed to make your DIY kitchen work will help in the long run and push you towards getting the kitchen YOU want.
  3. Some online RTA stores don’t offer a way to see your kitchen BEFORE you order. However, helps you through this process by providing you a photorealistic view of your new kitchen design, making sure you get the exact kitchen you want.

Pros of Kitchen Installation:

  1. Save yourself time and stress. Although this takes some of the pressure off of you, you suddenly lose the ability to really put your own work and heart into the kitchen. If you are pressed for time and aren’t able to put the effort into remodeling your kitchen, then this may be the choice for you. However, hiring someone to install new aspects of your kitchen is expensive and takes more time finding the right person rather than just relying on you and some choice friends for a DIY kitchen project.
  2. You could be getting the wrong materials. Hiring a professional allows you to make sure you get the right materials and measurements, without making any mistakes. This serves as less of a pro, and more of a learning curve — doing your research before you begin remodeling or installing different parts of a kitchen is important, and helps you for future projects that you plan on doing.

Cons of Kitchen Installation

  1. Getting a “professional” installer doesn’t necessarily mean your kitchen will be perfect. Professional installers still make mistakes, and they may make some that are crucial to what you want your kitchen to be.
  2. Finding a professional installer takes time. Time planning, talking through what you want to do, and even finding the right kind of installer for you is time that you could be spending actually installing the kitchen of your dreams, at a much cheaper price.

Looking at the pros and cons of kitchen installation versus DIY kitchen installation, it’s a choice each homeowner needs to make for themselves. However, the benefits of RTA cabinets are clear: cheaper prices, a great project to do with friends, and overall a better result.