Reliance Stone & Marble

Reliance Granite & Marble, Corp. has established excellence in the quality of stone and service it provides to its
customer. We stock, at our state of the art warehouse located in central New Jersey, premium slabs and tiles from all
around the world. Our knowledge and expertise along with our esteemed reputation around the world, has given us
the power to purchase the best and highest quality materials. Reliance Granite & Marble Corp. is a professional and
dedicated company engaged in the import and wholesale distribution of the natural and Engineered Quartz stone. In
keeping up with current trends design and demand we have expanded our product line of Reliance Quartz (RQ) to our
inventory. Please visit our warehouse where our dedicated and skilled team is ready to help and take care of your stone
needs. We offer value added service in a state of the art warehouse with a wide range of colors and materials :- Such
as Granite , Marble, Natural Quartz, Engineered Quartz (RQ), Slate, Travertine, Limestones, Onyx

Bring Ideas In Your Life

If you have any ideas! We have a special team to make your Kitchen design.